Friday, November 20, 2009

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Steven's birthday party at the Waite's house, Melissa's family, Chad's family, Frances and Mike, Lisa and Adam and Ruth and Bruce Buchanan. Fun!!!! great Family and Friends.

Mesa Verde Cliff dewllings for ancient Indians. before Christ

Little cities in the tops of the mountains
People standing around a deep ceremonial hole on tour
A friend Coulter (from our ward) came with Stoffer, John and I to Mesa Verde
When we returned home he and Stoffer rode 4 wheelers like wild men. It was
all good and fun. we returned him to Albuquerque the next day to fly back home to
Bonnie and Daves so he could go to their youth conference before going back to Sweeden.
He would have been here for one month.
We had a fun 2 weeks together. (looking over Mesa Verde)
Woops! wrong section, but isn't he georgeous!!!!
Ryan at the lake! Kyaking and fishing with our new friends from
Sweeden Christoffer or Stoffer is what he is called, and Adam and Lisa
with Ryan and Beckham Cru.
Isn't Lisa beautiiful with her children
Adam and Lisa Kayaking!
Our new one ton diesel dodge truck! (we were killing the Acura on our dirt roads!)
John teaching everyone to kayak !!!
Stoffer and John
Ghost Ranch was a wonderful experience for Holly and I.
I made pottery by hand out of micasious clay
The spoons were a copy of Ansausi Indians pre, columbian
It was so soothing and a time to communicate with the clay
in my hands. A time to slow down and reflect on the small imortant
things. I felt so rested when I returned home. Our instructor Camilla Trujillo
brought such a great spirit to us as she taught us. We were all very lucky
to get to know such a gentle peaceful person!!

Ghost Ranch

My great friend Holly, (and daughter in-law) who inspired me to go with her.
To the Ghost ranch! Thanks!!
Ryan's tea party
Sunday afternoon on the back deck

Ryan and Grandma Carla
It's all good!!!!

Ferrel and Susan
Katelynne and Rosa on the ubatracker

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

John built our new front gate (:
Katelynn's new dew
Moab Jeep Week!! John Lee, Steven, and John

The cliff before he climbed it!
Lexi in grandmas kitchen sink

Shane getting his nightly bath!

Nathan, doing great!

Paula and Michael, off to a fund raiser!
My beautiful daughter, mother of 6
The old railroad. Durango to Silverton Co.

My best day's, holding a grand baby Lexi
Lisa and Ryan on 4 wheeler in my back yard!
First flowers of Spring!! (: